The F3 STUDIO brand appeared at the beginning of 2014 in St. Petersburg. We are engaged in the production of underwear, homewear and leather accessories.

We see our main task in enabling women to discover new sensual and sexual images in themselves, to excite the imagination of men.

This lingerie is primarily for girls who like to stay attractive even under clothes and sometimes only for themselves. Our store of underwear and accessories works every day without days off. so that every girl can at any moment please herself and her man with a new sensual way.


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Where do we get inspiration from?

The question we are most often asked. Of course, everyone has moments when everything is not happy, there is a void in my head and I don’t want to do anything.

In our experience, we can say that during such periods it is better not to do anything at all, drop everything, go out of town, go for a massage or just sit at home for a couple of days watching TV shows. But then, when fully ventilated, new ideas slowly begin to emerge in my head.

I wouldn’t like to use old phrases like “We take inspiration everywhere,” but we do take ideas from the most commonplace things around us.

To be honest, we rarely fall into a creative stupor, our team boils a sufficient number of ideas, the question is only in time and in priorities.

In our opinion, there is no better way to ignite your creative potential than to look at the amazing things made by others.

Go to the galleries, on the photo exhibition, read a motivational book and so on. It always inspires us, awakens the desire to return to work and do something worthwhile.

We wish each of you to awaken your creative potential and start creating!

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